Paul Maddison, Jennifer, Carla Chris Dobelman, before the shoot. Above, Joel braves the tracks. On left, and below, Joel and Chris were doing a couple of songs while Chuck set up. Below Joel & Chris do a set in front of the home of one of Joel’s boyhood friend’s. Below left, Joel’s home for a brief time. Billy Williams photographer friend of Joel's. Across the street from Joel's first boyhood home of lasting signifigance. Joel & Christopher Dobelman a block away from Joel's boyhood home. Joel and Chris perform Sonny Jame's hit "Young Love" Joel and Christopher Dobelman 606 6th St. Rockford, IL. Joel & Chris playing for cars passing by. 606 6th St. Joel played with the children living there. L-R The Paul Maddison family, Joel and his wife Carla, and the Christopher Dobelman family. Joel returning to a touchstone, down and dirty on the tracks. Chuck Isdale being helped out by Kelly Hanus-Dobelman The Collinsworth's lived there about ten months. On September 24, 2011 Joel hired a photographer to shoot pictures of Joel and friends in his childhood neighborhood.  Christopher Dobelman, one of Joel’s show partners, came along for the fun. These photos were taken by Billy Williams, on the right, who spontaneously came along to photograph Chuck Isdale, shown above, doing the shoot.
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